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We are business consultants on a mission is to provide the best Accounting, Business and Financial Planning Services by working one-on-one with each client. Our goal is to identify the particular needs of our client and enable that client to maximize their profit potential and help them run their business efficiently

I started my work experience with World Industries, one of the leading international skateboarding companies in the world, which provided me with invaluable executive and operational experience.


World Industries was acquired by Kubic Marketing, a Holding Company that owned many skateboarding companies such as CCS Mail, a mail order skateboarding company.


Afterward I worked as a CEO, COO and CFO for Mastermind Distribution, an international company that marketed and sold well known brands in the skateboarding industry around the globe.


I gained a tremendous amount of experience as a business owner above and beyond accounting. Your business will gain from my experience.





"Abed was very responsive. I called him on Friday evening and he came to my office on Sunday afternoon. I thought I had a good setup and solid data. But it was not the case. Abed analyzed the data and corrected it. Now I truly have the accurate and complete set up I strived to achieve. I HAVE WORKED WITH MANY PROADVISORS BUT NONE COMES CLOSE TO ABED’S LEVEL OF EXPERTISE OF THE SOFTWARE AND PATIENCE TO TRAIN ME AND MY STAFF! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with QuickBooks."

- Dacy Holt,

All American Acoustics, Inc.



"The service provided by Abed was excellent as well as very informative. He has great experience as well as a very personal approach to teaching the software and helping to advise me with important parts of my business. I highly recommend his services and truly appreciate all of his informative help!"

- Jason Masse,

Sub-Genus Skateboarding, Inc.


Abed has been a amazing person to work with. He has made my job a lot easier and was a great teacher.
I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has turned our company around."

- Dan Opyc,

Apparatus, Inc.


Abed is great. He is easy to understand even though I have no accounting background. He explained things simply so I would understand. He has been a great asset to our company. I would highly recommend him to help anyone with QuickBooks"

- Kimberly Montano

Pacific Environmental & Abatement Solutions, Inc.


I am a versatile executive eager to apply my education, experience and skills to help your firm. My operational, managerial, accounting and finance background combined with excellent interpersonal communication skills make me a great asset to your business. I am looking for gratifying and rewarding consulting experiences with your growing company. I can help make your company run effectively and efficiently!




Master of Business Administration. Emphasis: Accounting and Finance.California State University, Fullerton. 1997.

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Finance. California State University, Fullerton. 1989.

Intuit – Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor, for QuickBooks, Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale.

CTEC Certified Tax Preparer, Business and Personal returns.

CPA Candidate, CMA Candidate



Here is a partial list of Companies I work/ed with to improve their performance and profitability:

  • FreshJive: Clothing and distribution

  • Agenda: Trade shows, Showroom

  • Fyasko: Clothing and distribution

  • MacNeil Bikes: BMX Distributor in Canada

  • Action Distribution: Skateboarding products distribution

  • Apparatus, Inc.: Helmets and Trucks Distribution.

  • GR Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Hong Kong Stunt Team: Shoe Designer





Mastermind Distribution, Inc. (Marketer and Distributor of Axion Shoes and City Stars skateboards) Huntington Beach, CA 92647 - CEO, CFO - February 2001 to October 2003.


oDesign, build and maintain organizational infrastructure of the company.

oRecruit competent employees and insure efficiency and effectiveness.

oMake critical decisions to increase profitability and viability of the firm.

oMeet regularly with the board of directors to report on the status of the firm and determine a plan of action.

oManage and direct division managers and employees by meeting weekly to review the most recent development and react accordingly.

oCut expenses by over 50% over one year period to react to industry changes.

oIncrease profitability by 40% over the same period.

·Financial Reporting:

oCreate yearly budgets for the firm then analyze actual to budgets periodically.

oManage accounting staff and produce accurate and timely financial statements.

oAnalyze financial statements and determine profitability of each brand, product line and department.

·Operations and Distribution:

oCreate a comprehensive, efficient and effective program for all departments.

oSet up fully integrated software to control design, production, marketing, sales, accounting, warehousing and distribution in addition to providing accurate and timely reports.

oCreate an efficient management and control inventory system for over $1.5 million of goods. The system include physical and information system program.

·Design and Production:

oOrganize and manage the work of six freelance designers to ensure our products compete in the current market.

oCreate efficient yearly footwear and clothing production schedules with domestic and international suppliers.

oWork closely with designers, sampling facilities and factories to produce the best selection for four brands.

oOrganize international drop-ship and domestic deliveries.

·Sales, Marketing and Promotion:

oManage fourin-house and seven field sales representatives and create incentive programs.

oWork with international and domestic distributors to maximize sales and consider feedback from consumers and retailers.

oOversee advertising and marketing campaigns, which included domestic and international tours for prominent national and international skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers.

World Industries, Inc. El Segundo, CA 90245.VP Operations, Controller - 1996 –2001.

From February of 1996 to December 2003 World industries went through corporate changes that included spin off and mergers and acquisitions. As of April 2004, it is part of Globe International. In February 1999 I left the company and consulted for Bravo Helicopter and Wings in Torrance CA and returned to work for World Industries, Inc. in December 1999. Throughout my employment with World Industries, Inc. I assumed many different responsibilities, of which the main ones are highlighted below:


oManage administrative, warehouse and accounting staff.

oCreate inventory and operational controls to insure efficiency and accuracy.

oConduct weekly meetings with staff

oPlay a major role in a software conversion to a fully integrated system.

oApprove purchases and expenses.

oAssist CFO and CEO with major projects from human resource issues to production andadministration.

oManage quarterly inventory physical count of over $20 million of goods.

oAssist CEO with various projects.

·Information Systems:

oLiaison with the maker of accounting software - Oak Street.

oAdminister network and ccMail; assign rights and access for 40 users on a wide area network.

oManage information systems needs and maintenance.

oSupervise telecommunications projects including the installation of two T1 connections.

·Financial Reporting:

oAnalyze general ledger accounts and work closely with upper management and auditors to produce financial statements, which include balance sheet and product line income statement enabling company to establish performance goals relative to profitability.

oAnalyze budget to actual for three subsidiaries and explain variances.

oManaged accounts payable, accounts receivable staff and approved over $500,000 monthly payments, which included letters of credit.


Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Oak Street, and many more.



Steve Rocco (Founder of World Industries), Rodney Mullen, Frank Messmann, Rob Velario. More are available upon request.


12083 Harvest Ave.
Norwalk, CA